Duplex Blinds

Our Duplex Blinds

Offer An Infinite Ornamentation Canvas

The amazing dual-phase working system of these dazzling blinds shifts light with its alternative fabricated strips of sheer and dim-out. This way, they offer multiple options of pattern and light filtering creations such as complete sheer alignments, dim-out ones, and also a combined version of both. This Duplex Blinds stands out with the marvelous manner in which they offer light divergence and resultantly form super attractive decors. Our duplex zebra blinds in give you the ultimate freedom of styling and also are highly functional to use.
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Spice Up Your Interiors

With Our Dazzling Blinds

These blinds efficiently serve in multiple ways and are fairly a lot more than just a window treatment. They will timelessly create the most astonishing decor scenarios for you, up to the level of your adoration. With the help of Duplex Blinds, you can easily achieve all your desired extents of room brightening as well as darkening. Our duplex bedroom Blinds come with an easy-to-operate chain system and are very convenient to take care of, as well. They are highly durable in nature and therefore the outstanding ornamentation is meant to last long.
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