Exhibition Carpets

Exhibition Carpets

Provide a Comfortable Walking Surface

The first thing that most people think about when they hear exhibition carpet is that hard, industrial material used in high-traffic office buildings and hallways. While commercial-grade carpets can do wonders for an unattractive reception area, they aren’t necessarily ideal for use in a showroom or trade show setting. For these purposes, it’s better to opt for a carpet with a coarser weave and deeper pile; not only will it provide better traction underfoot but you won’t have to worry about dirt being kicked up on your rugs and left behind by hundreds of footfalls. Also, make sure you choose a premium quality carpet that does not easily fade in sunlight or heat from nearby cars. Finally, always ask a professional about how to clean your custom car mats, especially if they will be sitting on cement floors exposed to direct sunlight all day long.
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How To Choose?

Things to Keep In Mind When Choosing Fabric

Consider how your fabric will look under artificial lighting. You don’t want a material that has a tendency to either reflect or absorb light, which can appear different depending on where you are in relation to them. The same goes for dyes. You should consider if you want a colored exhibition carpet; if so, be sure you understand how it will look under all of your intended lighting conditions. Also, note any exclusion in your contract — you may not be able to use certain types of fabrics or dyes depending on your location and what is allowed at that venue. All of these factors play into choosing an exhibition carpet that will help make your next show shine! When choosing an exhibition carpet supplier in Dubai that can supply your trade show carpet needs, it’s important to choose a company with considerable experience in their craft.
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